Watering Guidelines

Effective watering is key for a beautiful and healthy lawn to flourish. Follow these watering guidelines for a healthy and beautiful lawn in the greater Colorado Springs area.
Season Months Guidelines Amount / Notes
Late Fall & WinterNovember, December,
January, February
Water 1-2 times per month on days above 50 degrees. Up to 1" per watering using a garden hose and sprinkler. *Vital time to water as this is when the most damage occurs to lawns.
SpringMarch, April, May Water 1-2 times per week, depending on natural precipitation. 1" per week
June, July, August,
Water heavily at least 2 times per week using a cycle and soak method to avoid runoff. 1 ½” per week
Early Fall
Mid-September, October Water 1-2 times per week. 1" per week

Cycle & Soak Method

Ensure your lawn is soaking up water and avoid runoff and wasted water with the Cycle and Soak method. Divide your watering time by 3 and spread it out over the course of a 3 hours in the same morning to allow for water to be absorbed and reach deeper into the soil. 
For example, if your lawn takes 45 minutes to reach the recommended watering amount guideline, water at 3am for 15 minutes, 4am for 15 minutes, and 5am for 15 minutes. See below for the recommended timing for different types of sprinkler heads. Water less in areas that are shaded or have poor drainage.

Watering Frequency and Timing

Keep your watering schedule in the early morning only. This helps avoid lawn diseases. Deep and infrequent watering is the most effective to get water to where it needs to go and avoid runoff and wasted water. Do not water every day or every other day. Frequent short watering cycles causes shallow roots and leaves your lawn susceptible to drought, weeds, and diseases. Water at times of low wind speeds.

Watering Amounts

Rotor Heads: 15 minutes each cycle
Stationary Pop-ups: 8 minutes each cycle
Low Volume MP Rotator Heads: 30 minutes each cycle
These times are averages sampled from other lawns to reach a desired amount of water, which is ½” at a time and a depth of 3-5 inches per irrigation. In warmer months, ¾” at a time is recommended with depth of  4-6 inches per irrigation.

Get to Know Your Lawn

Actual runtimes and watering frequency may vary from yard to yard. Get to know your lawn by seeing how long your turf can go without watering and how long your sprinkler heads reach the desired amount of water. Start with 20 – 30 minutes per zone for popups, 40 – 50 minutes for Rotor heads, and longer for low-impact MP Rotors as a baseline and adjust based on your specific lawn's needs.
Watering + Fertilization

Effective watering combined with an expert lawn fertilization program results in a beautiful healthy lawn. Get started with a Lawn IQ program today.