Lawn IQ Tree & Shrub Fertilization

At Lawn IQ, we understand that trees and shrubs are the jewels of your landscape, and we're here to ensure they shine their brightest. Our expert tree and shrub fertilization services are designed to nurture your arboreal treasures from the roots up, giving them the care they deserve.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization
Fall 2023 Pricing

Fall is the best time to make sure that you feed your trees! Remember if you're picking up leaves and organic material each year, how are the trees getting any? Our fertilizer is specially blended for trees in harsh Colorado soils. We inject into the root zone of the tree a specific amount based on size. It's even more affordable than you think. Prices are per tree/shrub with a $105 minimum.
Medium to Large Trees
  • *$105 minimum
Newer Trees
  • *$105 minimum
  • *$105 minimum

Tree Fertilization

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