Lawn Weed Control

Keep your lawn healthy and weed free with Lawn IQ's Lawn Care Programs with weed control.

Benefits of a Weed-free Lawn

Lawn weed control refers to the process of preventing and managing the growth of unwanted plants or weeds in a lawn or turf. Lawn IQ lawn professionals use herbicides, which can be either selective or non-selective, depending on the type of weed being targeted.
A weed-free lawn looks more attractive and well-maintained, which can improve the overall appearance of a property.
Improved Lawn Health
Weeds can compete with desirable grass for water, nutrients, and sunlight, which can weaken the overall health of the lawn. By controlling weeds, the lawn is able to thrive and maintain its density and color.
Reduced Pest Problems
Certain weeds can attract pests, such as insects or rodents, which can cause additional problems for the lawn and surrounding landscape. By controlling these weeds, you can reduce the pest population in your yard.
Cost Savings
If left unchecked, weeds can quickly spread and overtake a lawn, requiring more time and resources to control. By implementing a regular weed control program, you can save money and effort in the long run.