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Common Lawn Pests in Colorado Springs

Keeping your lawn healthy may include ridding your lawn of a few common pests that affect Colorado lawns. Among other pests, here are the top 3 pests we see in the greater Colorado Springs area.
Lawn grubs are the larvae of various species of beetles, including Japanese beetles, June beetles, and chafers. They feed on the roots of grass, causing the grass to wilt and die, and creating large, brown patches on the lawn.

Lawn grubs can be especially problematic in areas where the soil is moist and fertile, as these conditions are ideal for their development. In severe infestations, they can cause significant damage to the lawn, and they can be difficult to control once they are established.
Sod Webworms
Sod webworms are the larvae of moths in the genus Crambus. They are a common lawn pest that can cause significant damage to turfgrass, especially during the summer months.

Sod webworms feed on the leaves of grass, causing irregular, brown patches to form on the lawn. They are most active at night and during the early morning, and they typically hide in the thatch layer during the day.
Winter Mites
Winter mites, also known as red spider mites, are tiny, spider-like pests that can cause damage to turfgrass during the winter months. They are most active when temperatures are above freezing, and they feed on the sap of grass leaves, causing yellow or brown discoloration.

Winter mites can be especially problematic in areas where the winter is relatively mild, as they are able to remain active and continue feeding on the grass even when temperatures are above freezing. In severe infestations, winter mites can cause significant damage to the lawn, creating bare, unsightly patches.
Lawn Pest Control
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