Disease Management

Achieve a healthy lawn with Lawn IQ's Disease Management. We can prevent, diagnose, and treat many lawn diseases that affect Colorado.

Lawn IQ Disease Management

We know a healthy lawn is important to you. Learn more about our process of Lawn Disease Management.
Maintaining a healthy, dense stand of grass by following proper lawn care practices, such as watering deeply and regularly, mowing at the correct height, and fertilizing appropriately with Lawn IQ's lawn care program.
We can properly identify the specific disease affecting the lawn through visual inspection by our trained lawn care professionals. As part of our lawn care program, our professionals will be able to identify diseases early before they spread.
Our lawn care professionals will select the appropriate fungicide or other treatment based on the type of disease, severity of the infestation, and other factors.
As part of our lawn care program, our lawn care professionals will regularly monitor the lawn during our visits for signs of disease and will re-treat if necessary to prevent the disease from spreading.
Disease Management

Avoid replacing your entire lawn by managing lawn diseases before they spread. Lawn IQ Disease Management can help.