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Lawn Care & Weed Management

A beautiful, healthy lawn and landscape is only one step away.
  • Expert Lawn Care Technicians
  • Colorado State Department of Agriculture Certified Applicator
  • Over 17+ Years Experience in Lawn Care in the Colorado Springs area by Ryan Malloy
  • Local Family-owned Business
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Lawn IQ Services

Our Lawn Care Services

We are licensed with the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture and insured.
Lawn Fertilization
Achieve a healthy lawn with our 6-round lawn care program specially formulated for Southern Colorado lawns.
Xeriscape Weed Control
Maintain a weed free xeriscape and keep your rock beds and/or mulch beds pristine with our weed control program.
Lawn Weed Control
Keep your lawn healthy and knock out common lawn weeds.
Lawn Pest Control
We can identify lawn pests and treat your lawn to eliminate these pesky intruders.
We offer both liquid and mechanical aeration. Our lawn care professionals can help determine which solution is best for your lawn.
Disease Management
Take care of lawn diseases before they eliminate your lawn. We can prevent, identify, and treat your lawn for lawn diseases.

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